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The Boilermakers entered the 1956 golf season
with six major lettermen on the team roster. Out-
standing in this group were Joe Campbell, reigning
national collegiate champion, and senior co-captains
Wayne Etherton and Ed McCallum. Concluding the
list of experienced golfers were Tom Schafer, Bill
Redding and Don Granger. The defending Big Ten
title holders swept their first eight matches, defeat-
ing Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Michigan State, Illinois,
Detroit, Indiana and Notre Dame. Ohio State ended
the winning streak at thirty consecutive victories;
on the same day the Riveters bowed to Michigan.
Bill Redding was a key man in the 1957 golf team's success.
Back Row: Wayne Etherton, Ed McCallum, Tom Schafer, Bob Granger. First Row: Sam Voinoff, Joe Campbell, Art Lemmon,
Bill Redding.
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1957 Debris

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