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1. Book of Isaiah, chapters 41-42 Book of Isaiah, chapters 41-42 Illuminations; Bible The text of the original vellum leaf on view is the end of Chapter 41 and the beginning of Chapter 42 of the Book of Isaiah of the Old Testament. An abbreviation of Isaiah's name occurs at the top of the...

2. Leaf of incunabula Leaf of incunabula Illuminations Leaf of incunabula. From Justinianus, Codex de Tortis, printed in black and red, initials in blue supplied by hand. Printed at Venice, 1496, by Baptista de Tortis, one of the most skillful printers of...

3. Prayer Prayer Illuminations; Prayer The text of this original vellum leaf is a personal prayer for divine guidance. This invocation is written in Latin in black ink; it is followed by a brief title inscribed in red ink (rubrication).

4. Page of an antiphonary Page of an antiphonary Illuminations; Musical notation Leaf from a manuscript Antiphonary written on vellum in black and red in a fine, gothic hand. The musical notation consists of square notes on a four line stave. The manuscript is probably of late 15th...

5. Sententiarum libri IV Sententiarum libri IV Illuminations Leaf on vellum, from a 14th century manuscript of the "Sentences" of Peter Lombard. Peter Lombard compiled his "Sentences" from the works of the Fathers of the Church about 200 years before this manuscript...
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