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21. UA14-12b1f59i6 UA14-12b1f59i6 Farm woodlot timber: its uses and principal markets Lamb, George N. (George Newton), b. 1887

22. UA14-12b1f66i1 UA14-12b1f66i1 Potato clubs (organization and results) Gaylord, F. C.

23. UA14-12b1f66i3 UA14-12b1f66i3 Apple spraying

24. UA14-12b1f63i1 UA14-12b1f63i1 Colony brooder houses Philips, A. G.; Jones, LeRoy L.

25. UA14-12b1f62i1 UA14-12b1f62i1 Pure bred dairy sire and his relation to profits Mills, W. O.

26. UA14-12b1f64i2 UA14-12b1f64i2 Swarm control for Indiana Baldwin, Edwin G.

27. UA14-12b1f63i5 UA14-12b1f63i5 Apple spraying and spray materials

28. UA14-12b1f64i5 UA14-12b1f64i5 Apple spraying and spray materials

29. UA14-12b1f3i1 UA14-12b1f3i1 Courses in agriculture on the home project basis

30. UA14-12b1f66i5 UA14-12b1f66i5 Chinch bug in Indiana Davis, John J. (John June), 1885-1965

31. UA14-12b1f1i1 UA14-12b1f1i1 First annual report of Purdue University Department of Agricultural Extension for the year ending June 30, 1912

32. UA-14-12b2v7i20 UA-14-12b2v7i20 Agricultural extension IV: milk production III: economic and sanitary milk production Hunziker, Otto Frederick, b. 1873; Reed, O. E. (Ollie Ezekiel), 1885-1968

33. UA14-12b1f2i1 UA14-12b1f2i1 Pre-vocational agricultural courses for the public schools of Indiana Greathouse, Charles A.; Book, William Frederick, 1873-1940; Smith, Z. M. (Zora Mayo), b. 1874

34. UA14-12b1f26i1 UA14-12b1f26i1 Farming in Indiana - then and now Ade, George, 1866-1944

35. UA-14-12b2v7i16 UA-14-12b2v7i16 Agricultural extension Christie, George Irving, 1881-

36. UA-14-12b2v7i17 UA-14-12b2v7i17 The farmers' orchard Troop, James, 1853-1941; Woodbury, C. G. (Charles Goodrich), 1884-1971

37. UA-14-12b2v7i23 UA-14-12b2v7i23 How to grow more and better wheat

38. UA-14-12b2v7i29 UA-14-12b2v7i29 Live stock judging for beginners Thompson, Dave O.

39. UA-14-12b2v7i22 UA-14-12b2v7i22 The loose smut of oats and stinking smut of wheat and their prevention Arthur, Joseph Charles, 1850-1942; Johnson, A. G.

40. UA-14-12b2v7i34 UA-14-12b2v7i34 Orchard spray calendar Richards, M. W.
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results 21-40 of 41 item(s)  page 2 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next