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41. UA14-12b1f25i1 UA14-12b1f25i1 Handbook for vocational agriculture in Indiana schools

42. UA14-12b1f52i1 UA14-12b1f52i1 Purdue University offers winter courses in agriculture and home economics, January 21 to March 14, 1923

43. UA14-12b1f53i1 UA14-12b1f53i1 Winter short courses in agriculture January eighteen to March eleven 1932

44. UA14-12b1f24i1 UA14-12b1f24i1 Developing instruction in vocational agriculture for veterans on farms in Indiana, principles and procedures for teaching student veterans Watt, Ben H.; Lawson B. C.; Leonard H. W.; Kiltz, K. W.; Morrison I. G.

45. UA14-12b1f56i1 UA14-12b1f56i1 Some points in bread making Matthews, Mary L.

46. UA14-12b1f56i3 UA14-12b1f56i3 Economic milk production Caldwell, R. E.

47. UA14-12b1f56i4 UA14-12b1f56i4 Hints on soil improvement Wiancko, A. T.

48. UA14-12b1f56i5 UA14-12b1f56i5 Helps for club members : girls' sewing clubs Matthews, Mary L.

49. UA14-12b1f59i1 UA14-12b1f59i1 Management of dairy calf : importance of growing heifers Hunziker, Otto Frederick, b. 1873; Caldwell, R. E.

50. UA14-12b1f60i1 UA14-12b1f60i1 Helps on gardening and canning Reed, H. J.; Gaddis, Lella

51. UA14-12b1f60i2 UA14-12b1f60i2 Home canning by the cold pack process McNeill, Roberta

52. UA14-12b1f49i1 UA14-12b1f49i1 Origins of vocational education in agriculture Teske, P. R.

53. UA14-12b1f57i5 UA14-12b1f57i5 Hog houses Starr, Chester G.

54. UA14-12b1f60i6 UA14-12b1f60i6 Barrel packing of apples Burkholder, C. L.

55. UA14-12b1f66i1 UA14-12b1f66i1 Potato clubs (organization and results) Gaylord, F. C.

56. UA14-12b1f66i4 UA14-12b1f66i4 Beautifying the home grounds Burkholder, C. L.

57. UA14-12b1f59i7 UA14-12b1f59i7 Colony brooder houses Philips, A. G.

58. UA14-12b1f44i1 UA14-12b1f44i1 Indiana farmer training book for students of vocational agriculture

59. UA14-12b1f62i4 UA14-12b1f62i4 New uses for old clothing King, Mary Rose

60. UA14-12b1f62i6 UA14-12b1f62i6 Practical hog houses for Indiana Norman, C. A.; Schwab, J. W.
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results 41-60 of 88 item(s)  page 3 of 5 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  >> ) :: previous : next