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1. UA14-12b1f6i3 UA14-12b1f6i3 Agricultural books for farm homes, school and public libraries, premiums in young people's contests, corn shows, etc. Frier, G. M.

2. UA14-12b1f63i6 UA14-12b1f63i6 Care of children Partch, Laura A.

3. UA14-12b1f59i7 UA14-12b1f59i7 Colony brooder houses Philips, A. G.

4. UA14-12b1f63i1 UA14-12b1f63i1 Colony brooder houses Philips, A. G.; Jones, LeRoy L.

5. UA14-12b1f66i7 UA14-12b1f66i7 Colony brooder houses Philips, A. G.; Jones, LeRoy L.

6. UA14-12b1f3i1 UA14-12b1f3i1 Courses in agriculture on the home project basis

7. UA14-12b1f46i1 UA14-12b1f46i1 Education for country life Hays, W. M. (Willet Martin), 1859-1916

8. UA14-12b1f25i1 UA14-12b1f25i1 Handbook for vocational agriculture in Indiana schools

9. UA-14-12b2v7i25 UA-14-12b2v7i25 How to grow more and better corn

10. UA14-12b1f63i2 UA14-12b1f63i2 Indiana gardens in 1919 with report of work in 1918 Mason, C. R.

11. UA14-12b1f10i2 UA14-12b1f10i2 Non-equipment group games for outdoor picnics and miscellaneous social gatherings Hall, O. F.

12. UA14-12b1f60i4 UA14-12b1f60i4 Poultry house equipment Philips, A. G.; Jones, LeRoy L.

13. UA14-12b1f2i1 UA14-12b1f2i1 Pre-vocational agricultural courses for the public schools of Indiana Greathouse, Charles A.; Book, William Frederick, 1873-1940; Smith, Z. M. (Zora Mayo), b. 1874

14. UA14-12b1f65i5 UA14-12b1f65i5 Running water in the farm home Norman, C. A.

15. UA14-12b1f28i1 UA14-12b1f28i1 1890 spring catalogue : Hirschy's seed annual of selected flower and vegetable seeds

16. UA14-12b1f4i1 UA14-12b1f4i1 Courses for agriculture in high schools Wisehart, Roy P.

17. UA14-12b1f5i1 UA14-12b1f5i1 Courses in agriculture for seventh and eighth grades Wisehart, Roy P.

18. UA14-12b1f60i5 UA14-12b1f60i5 Storage of vegetables Gaylord, F. C.; Woodbury, C. G. (Charles Goodrich), 1884-1971

19. UA14-12b1f66i2 UA14-12b1f66i2 Testing seed corn Hoffer, G. N.; Wiancko, A. T.

20. UA-14-12b2v7i2 UA-14-12b2v7i2 The selection, preservation and preparation of seed corn Wiancko, A. T.; Christie, George Irving, 1881-
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