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61. UA14-12b1f61i3 UA14-12b1f61i3 Increasing potato production Gaylord, F. C.

62. UA14-12b1f61i4 UA14-12b1f61i4 How to handle the brood sow and litter Schwab, J. W.

63. UA14-12b1f15i1 UA14-12b1f15i1 Laws governing vocational education in Indiana Smith, Z. M. (Zora Mayo), b. 1874

64. UA14-12b1f59i4 UA14-12b1f59i4 Hot weather desserts McNeill, Roberta

65. UA14-12b1f4i1 UA14-12b1f4i1 Courses for agriculture in high schools Wisehart, Roy P.

66. UA14-12b1f62i2 UA14-12b1f62i2 Wholesome war-time desserts Hadley, Geraldine

67. UA14-12b1f39i1 UA14-12b1f39i1 Report of the Indiana Rural Education Survey Committee

68. UA14-12b1f66i5 UA14-12b1f66i5 Chinch bug in Indiana Davis, John J. (John June), 1885-1965

69. UA14-12b1f66i8 UA14-12b1f66i8 Hot water treatment for seed wheat Pipal, F. J.

70. UA14-12b1f67i2 UA14-12b1f67i2 Incubation of hen's eggs Philips, A. G.; Brooks, F. D.

71. UA14-12b1f67i1 UA14-12b1f67i1 Grape culture Cullinan, F. P.

72. UA14-12b1f1i1 UA14-12b1f1i1 First annual report of Purdue University Department of Agricultural Extension for the year ending June 30, 1912

73. UA-14-12b2v7i1 UA-14-12b2v7i1 Hints on preparing for and holding local corn shows Wiancko, A. T.; Fisher, M. L.

74. UA-14-12b2v7i4 UA-14-12b2v7i4 The experiment station building Goss, Arthur

75. UA-14-12b2v7i24 UA-14-12b2v7i24 Agricultural extension VIII: information on work of Purdue Experiment Station and School of Agriculture

76. UA-14-12b2v7i7 UA-14-12b2v7i7 Additional information concerning the Feeding Stuff Control Law Goss, Arthur; Jones, Walter, 1865-1935

77. UA-14-12b2v7i18 UA-14-12b2v7i18 Agricultural extension II: corn shows and selecting, preparing and scoring exhibits Wiancko, A. T.; Christie, George Irving, 1881-

78. UA-14-12b2v7i19 UA-14-12b2v7i19 Agricultural extension III: industrial contests for boys and girls Christie, George Irving, 1881-; Calvin, Henrietta W. (Henrietta Willard), b. 1865

79. UA14-12b1f5i1 UA14-12b1f5i1 Courses in agriculture for seventh and eighth grades Wisehart, Roy P.

80. UA14-12b1f21i1 UA14-12b1f21i1 Adult evening classes in vocational agriculture Kiltz, K. W.
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results 61-80 of 91 item(s)  page 4 of 5 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  >> ) :: previous : next