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1. Three men looking at Unimal Three men looking at Unimal Purdue University--Faculty; Agriculture "It's a Unimal." Headliners at the National Institute of Animal Agriculture at Purdue University in Lafayette, Ind., look over a "unimal"--all animals in one. Left to right: F.G. Ketner; Dr. F.C. Kettering;...

2. Roman Pogranichniy in laboratory Roman Pogranichniy in laboratory Purdue University--Faculty;Veterinary medicine;Scientific equipment Purdue University Faculty. Roman Pogranichniy, a Purdue veterinary virologist and researcher for the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, is trying to discover why a worldwide group of viruses,...

3. Rado Gazo in laboratory Rado Gazo in laboratory Purdue University--Faculty;Laboratories Purdue University Faculty. Rado Gazo inspects a router as it makes cuts in a sheet of medium-density fiberboard. Gazo found that cryogenically treating and then cooling router bits as they make cuts could...

4. Kevin Keener in laboratory Kevin Keener in laboratory Purdue University--Faculty;Tomatoes; Purdue University Faculty. Kevin Keener's in-bag ozonation method creates ozone in packaged foods by using high-voltage coils to charge the gas inside sealed food packages, effectively killing any bacteria...
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results 1-4 of 4 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next